Betaine HCl w/Pepsin - Digestion Aid

Betaine HCl w/Pepsin is used to supplement hydrochloric acid in the stomach, assisting in proper digestion. Betaine hydrochloride helps break down proteins and kill bad bacteria found in many foods. Pepsin quickly calms upset stomach. Fast-dissolving for greater nutrient absorption. Promote healthy protein digestion

Partner Product - Betaine Plus

Jigsaw Health no longer carries a stand alone Betaine HCl w/Pepsin. However, our new & improved
Essential Blend Digestive Enzymes now contains Betaine HCl
as an ingredient!
We highly recommend this for use as a potent digestive aid.

(If you are specifically in need of a stand alone Betaine HCl supplement though, you may purchase a
similarly high quality product directly from by clicking on the link below.)

Vitacost - Betaine HCl w/Pepsin

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Jigsaw Products That May Help The Digestive System:

Though we do not carry Betaine HCl w/Pepsin on it's own any longer, we do offer several potent and effective supplements aimed at improving the health of the gastrointestinal system. These include:

  • Essential Blend Digestive EnzymesNow contains Betaine HCl! Helps break down hard-to-digest foods and eases indigestion, bloating, and gas so you feel better.
  • Essential Blend Probiotics – Helps balance your immune system with a minimum of 25 billion active, friendly bacteria including the powerful L. acidophilus La-14—so you start feeling better.
  • Gastro BundleProbiotics, Digestive Enzymes: Specifically designed to bring balance back to your digestive tract and promote regularity for fast relief. An essential first step toward recovering long-term digestive health. Enhance your body’s natural defense system, suppor healthy intestinal flora, and sooth stomach upset.
  • Jigsaw Complete™ - Essential Daily Packets Magnesium, Calcium, Multi Mineral, Vitamin B, Antioxidants and Omega 3 Fish Oil: Replenish vitamin and mineral deficiencies, maintain total body health, support a healthy digestive system, protect cells from the damaging effects of free radicals, increase energy production, support a healthy hormonal system, promote a healthy nervous system, boost immune system function, maintain mental and emotional well-being, encourage calmness and lessen stress, increase mental alertness, maintain normal blood sugar levels.
  • Butyrex™ from T.E. Neesby – A butyrate complex that helps metabolize fiber in the colon for a healthy gastrointestinal system.


Background Information on Betaine HCl w/Pepsin:

Low hydrochloric acid (HCl) levels in the digestive system can spell problems for many people, especially those with chronic digestive conditions and the elderly. HCl levels in the stomach must be high enough to kill off the bad bacteria found in much of our food. Without this naturally occurring control in your system, infections can occur and cause upset stomach and other digestive problems.

In addition, pepsin—a naturally occurring enzyme that helps break down protein—doesn’t activate properly when hydrochloric acid levels in the stomach are too low. With lowered levels of HCl and pepsin, digesting protein and other foods and absorbing the minerals you need becomes difficult for the body.

Betaine Plus helps restore hydrochloric acid levels in your stomach and allow the digestive enzymes to break down protein. You’ll more easily digest food, absorb optimal levels of minerals, and fight off the bacteria and fungi found in much of our food. And you’ll start to feel better, too!

Read more about the gastrointestinal/digestive system.

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