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June 2011
How B Vitamins Make Energy (And Why You Need All Of Them) by Rehan Jalali, CSN

It's time we talk about the birds and the bees! Okay fine, letís just stick to the Bís...B-vitamins that is. We all may have heard that B-vitamins are needed for energy, but its time to explore the details.

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No surprise here: We're featuring our amazing Activated B w/SRT. All the active forms of each B-vitamin in high doses combined with our proprietary Sustained Release Technology (SRT) so that your body can absord the B-vitamins over time instead of them being dumped into your system all at once.

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YouTube: Food Matters

In case you missed it, we're resending the link to the 3 minute video clip from the excellent documentary, Food Matters.

And on that note, you can start receiving Jigsaw Complete on your doorstep every month for the discounted price of $49.97 per box. Cancel at any time with a simple phone call or email.
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Spotlight on Health: Vitamin Deficiency
Since vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are essential to every important process in the body, deficiencies in these nutrients can result in a wide variety of ailments ó from subtly impairing to entirely disabling. Some effort is required to identify these deficiencies, since symptoms vary according to the specific nutrients that are lacking in the diet of any given individual. Some of the more common, modern-day deficiencies are listed below...
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How B Vitamins Make Energy
$10 Off Any Order!
Coupon Code: JulyNews11
YouTube: Food Matters
Spotlight on Health: Vitamin Deficiency
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