Why is Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C) used in Mag SRT?

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That question was recently asked in the Magnesium Advocacy Group on Facebook. I've paraphrased my answer here... 

First, the Ascorbyl Palmitate used in Jigsaw MagSRT (and MagSRT B-Free) comes from non-GMO corn.

Second, Ascorbyl Palmitate (a form of Vitamin C) is used because of it's "slippery" properties -- it helps keep the tableting or encapsulating machines from getting "gunked up" during manufacturing. And it only takes a small amount to do it's job -- 2.5mg per tablet.

That's the reason for it's inclusion in the formula.

But, since one of the steps in The Root Cause Protocol steps is to stop taking synthetic forms of Vitamin C -- including Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid, Magnesium Citrate, Ascorbyl Palmitate, etc. -- several "MAG-pies" have recently asked why Jigsaw MagSRT is still recommended?

Morley Robbins (aka. "Magnesium Man", the creator of The Root Cause Protocol) still recommends and personally takes Jigsaw MagSRT because the amount of Ascorbyl Palmitate (2.5mg per tablet) is negligible.

And SRT (Sustained Release Technology) is still the best way to get high doses of Magnesium without the laxative side effects typical of ordinary Magnesium supplements.

That being said...we are in the process of transitioning away from Ascorbyl Palmitate to L-Leucine.

L-Leucine is a viscous amino acid that we used as the anti-caking agent in our newly released product line: Jigsaw MagPure™ Malate & Jigsaw MagPure™ Glycinate.

I am hopeful that this new formula of MagSRT will successfully pass all our R&D trials and be available for purchase in mid-2018.

A brief historical note...

From 2005 - 2012, we used magnesium stearate and stearic acid as the anti-caking agents in the original Mag SRT formula. These are the most common "flow agents" on the market.

But based on concern from the MAG group about these ingredients, we did some R&D and found that we could switch to Ascorbyl Palmitate.  

And that made everyone happy, for a time...

More recently however, Morley discovered that ascorbates should be avoided.

So we’re evolving the formula yet again. That's what we do... we keep our ear to the ground and innovate as rapidly as we can.

But until the new formula comes out, if you're taking 4 tablets of MagSRT per day, you're not in any danger with 10mg a day of Ascorbyl Palmitate, otherwise MagSRT would no longer be recommended.

PS - I wrote a post, Why does Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT have "bad additives" in it? which you might also find useful / relevant.

PPS - You might also be interested in Project: Label Claim Verified, where we announced how we post the third lab results on all of our products in an effort to be radically transparent with our customers.

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